2016 (EN)

The section of the Museum of Peace - MAMT dedicated to the Anna Lindh Foundation (ALF) has aroused great interest: videos produced by the Fondazione Mediterraneo - historical leader of the Euro-Mediterranean organization - documents and a documentary centre involve visitors in a decade of interest that ALF has played for the dialogue with the Networks existing in 42 countries.

They spoke on this occasion:

  • Paul Walton, Director of External Relations ALF
  • Enrico Granara, Euromed MAECI coordinator and member of the ALF BofG
  • Michele Capasso, Leading Italian ALF Network and member of the ALF Advisory Council
  • Dan Haezrachy, Deputy Ambassador of Israel in Rome
  • Jean Paul Seytre, General Consul of France in Naples
  • Lujan del Toro Hector, General Consul of Spain in Naples
  • Antonio Basile, Extraordinary Commissioner of the Port Authority of Naples