2016 (EN)

On May 23rd 2016, Day of Legality, OMCOM - Mediterranean Observatory on Organized Crime and the Mafia, created by the Fondazione Mediterraneo and Fondazione Caponnetto - commemorates the XXIVth Anniversary of the Capaci massacre (May 23rd 1992) in which Judge Giovanni Falcone, Francesca Morvillo and their escort agents died.
On the occasion of this day, OMCOM intends to remember all the victims of the mafia who have sacrificed their lives in order to build a better society, with justice and legality.
The school - underlines President Capasso - has a central task in the fight against crime and mafias, fighting fear and working in function of a concrete education to respect social rules and laws. In this regard, schools of every order and level are invited to sensitize students so that there is not only remembrance, commemoration for their own sake, but that it is a stimulus for reflection on what has happened and the reasons that have led to its tragedy. Every school educational community becomes a sentry of legality: the suburbs through school institutions can become a bulwark of responsible citizenship. It is important that the memory be followed by meetings, seminars and training interventions that can help the new generations to develop a critical awareness in interpreting reality and guide them in their choices, starting from the simple contexts of everyday life, towards legality, because "everyone can play their part, for large or small alike.
Rai Scuola remembers with a special one those tragic days on the occasion of the Legality Day 2016.