2016 (EN)

Great success for the initiative of OMCOM - Mediterranean Observatory on Organized Crime and Mafia - held at the Chamber of Commerce of Syracuse to fight organized crime and mafias and for security in the Mediterranean.
The event was introduced by the lawyer Elena Giampapa, organizer and Omcom contact person, who explained the need to raise public awareness of safety issues in the Mediterranean not only at European level, but also at national and above all at local level, involving competent representatives on various aspects related to the topic.
The greetings of Mons. Salvatore Pappalardo Archbishop of Syracuse were followed by the speeches of the speakers. Senator Giuseppe Lumia and On. Sonia Alfano through a careful analysis have pointed out the difficulties of the European Union and the problems concerning the situation in the Mediterranean. The President of the Red Cross highlighted the work carried out by the volunteers, while Dr. Giuseppe Vitale, of the Caponnetto Foundation, focused on how the area is the crossroads of economic, energy and commercial interests.
Of great interest also the interventions of the Police Forces and the Carabinieri Corps involved in front line in the control of the territory and in the management of migratory flows. The work was coordinated and concluded by Dr. Salvatore Calleri, President of the Caponnetto Foundation, who stressed the need to change the economy and focus on the interest of the population, keeping the founding values of the European Union high.
Appreciation for the work carried out by the Caponnetto Foundation and the Fondazione Mediterraneo, creators and founders of OMCOM.

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