2015 (EN)

At the Circolo Canottieri in Naples, the ceremony of the passage of deliveries between the Admiral Antonio Basile, the Maritime Director of Campania and the Commander of the Naples Port, and the Admiral Arturo Faraone.
Admiral Basile left the command of the Maritime Management of Campania and the port of Naples after about three years to assume the new assignment in Rome, at the General Command of Port Capitals, Head of the 4th Department of Media and Materials of the body.
The ceremony was chaired by the Commander General of the Corps, Admiral Inspector Captain Felicio Angrisano che entertained President Capasso on the ongoing initiatives in favor of migrants.
President Capasso praised Admiral Basile, announcing that the jury of the Mediterranean Award awarded him the "Mediterranean Silver Delfino Award" that will be delivered on 21 October 2015 in Naples.