2015 (EN)

On 2 July 2015, during a meeting held between prof. Foad Aodi, the President of the Association of Doctors of Foreign Origin (AMSI), of Arab World in Italy (CO-MAI) and of the group “Uniti per unire”, S.E. Nassif Youssef Hitti, Ambassador of Arab League in Italy, along with his vice Zouheir Zouairi, the Prof. Michele Capasso, President of Fondazione Mediterraneo and RIDE –Italian Network for Euro-Mediterranean dialogue, Pia Molinari person in charge of MAMT museum and the Minister Enrico Granara, Coordinator of Multilateral Activities for the Mediterranean and Middle East at Foreign Affairs Ministry, was decided to establish a cooperation between Arab League Countries and MAMT, already running thanks to a protocol signed by the Foundation and ALECSO. Thanks to this protocol, the work carried out in these years becomes stronger.

In the aftermath of the adherence of Amsi, Co-mai and “Uniti per Unire” to RIDE, the Ambassador Nassif Youssef Hitti, the Prof. Foad Aodi and the Prof. Michele Capasso, expressed how much public health, culture, art and sport are the crucial issues over we have to work on as “those universal languages which bond and not divide”, as declared by the Prof. Aodi, in the belief of increase in this way the development of spontaneous and inclusive social associations. The RIDE, established in 2013 in order to gather the Italian organisms working for Euro Mediterranean dialogue through the Foundation Anna Lindh (with Headquarters in Alessandria, is connected to Amsi, Co-mai and “Uniti per Unire” in the research of new spaces and new life to the dialogue activities and meeting between all the Civil Society Organizations working in the Mediterranean area. The RIDE is supported by Fondazione Mediterraneo (FM), established in Naples by the Arch. Capasso, as supporter of the first forum of Civil Society of Mediterranean. The most important witness of this twenty years is represented by the MAMT – Mediterranean Museum of Art, Music and Tradition. The MAMT, which took place in the FM, in the heart of the city , it is today the most important step of collaboration among the above mentioned associations and the Arab League. Inside this museum, different cultures met up in an harmonious way, in the respect of different Mediterranean traditions, in the research of differences. For this reason the MAMT has been recognized as “museum of differences” by the UNESCO director Irina Bokova. “We transfer in the MAMT a collection of emotions, sensations and traditions, which has different origin, keeping track of the a changing humanity. We keep on with this challenge thanks to the support of AMSI, CO-MAI, “Uniti per Unire”, which we welcome as RIDE new members. We hope in the support of the Ambassador of the Arab League in Italy in a short period, in order to strengthen our partnership with ALECSO – Teaching, Cultural and Scientific of Arab League, with which we signed a protocol. “The MAMT becomes in this way day by day richer, thanks to the countries which join to” this were the words pronounced by Prof. Michele Capasso.