2015 (EN)

“Fondazione Mediterraneo wishes to all Muslims a happy Ramadān. Ramadān Karim”. The president Michele Capasso declares today, at the beginning of Ramadān, the ninth month of the year of the Islamic calendar, during which the Muslims practice the fast (sawm) which is one of the pillar of Islam. According to the Islamic tradition, in fact, the Ramadān marks the revelation of the Quran to men, since the 27th the evening of the month, (Laylat-al-Qadr, the night of the power), when the sacred text was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad by Archangel Gabriel.

We receive the beginning of the Ramadān with joy and respect. On the contrary of the Islamic fundamentalist movements which spread hate and violence in Middle East and the West mistaking the sense of the Islamic religion, there is a “pure” Islam represented by thousands of Muslims and which affirms the respect of other religions, bringing a universal message of peace. We keep on in our engagement - Capasso concludes - in favour of the inter-religious dialogue proposing solutions capable of assuring the identification of the other and the mutual cohabitation”.