2015 (EN)

On Wednesday 10 June Khaled Fouad Allam tragically left us in a hotel in Rome, after have been affected by a sudden illness.
He was an Algerian sociologist who worked in the University of the Studies of Trieste, and was also deputy for the Ulivo political party in 2006, during the XIV legislature.
I still remember the first time that I saw him. It was 1994 and along with Predrag Matvejevic', Claudio Magris, Vittorio Nisticò, Igor Man, Nedim Gursel, Gerardo Marotta and other friends we prepared the programs of the Fondazione Mediterraneo and the initiatives in favour of the populations of Ex-Yugoslavia, affected by one of the greatest tragedies after the second world war.
Fouas was immediately one of us: with his great knowledge that was also method and was accompanied by intellectual honesty, first of all, it was impossible to induce the people to compare with superiority in confronts of the others.
He was an extremely cordial person and his strong French accent was a characteristic of his speeches.
Khaled Fouad Allam has been an example of dialogue, peace, intellectual and moral integrity. In spite of his tragical death, the lessons he gave to use are still valid, and these lessons were spreaded not only through his job – the University, the conferences, the political activity, the conventions – but also through his behaviour, always calm, respectful, competent, opened towards the highest manifestations of the humanity and critic regarding every form of discrimination or violence.
We will keep the heritage which he has left to us.