2015 (EN)

The foreseen tragedy happened in the Mediterranean, which caused the death of more than 700 people who are going to be added to an already long list, has been the topic faced by an extraordinary meeting of the Board of Fondazione Mediterraneo, which is engaged for 25 years in actions of solidarity and peace and which always focused the attention on the migrants problems and the need of a more concrete involvement by international organs.
This action was already suggested in Lampedusa in 2013, with a promise to Francis Pope: give back dignity to all the people who risk their lives searching for freedom and peace.
The “Monument with the urn of Unknown Migrant”, installed in Naples , is a sign of awareness toward these topics.
The members of the Fondazione made an appeal to President Renzi and European leaders.
The text of the appeal is:
“The bodies without life floating in the sea before our eyes must upset our consciences. These 700 people dead today (the more important tragedy for number of people dead) are going to be added to the thousand of migrants missed in the last years, to the millions of people transferred or exiled in search of dignity and peace: "urbancide" and "memorycide" are perpetrated in so many villages; many lives have been lost forever.
Human sufference mustn’t be replied by words as “I don’t care”: the globalization of indifference, the deny of solidarity, the euthanasia of hope, the dead of brotherhood shouldn’t be part of our culture, because these things kill more than the massacres. The international community should take awareness of the existence of a new nation: that one of migrants, refugees, asylum seekers.
A state without territory, without government, rules, rather a state made by people who need to have a safeguard dignity. Such dignity has been trampled on, annulled, humiliated by wars and desperation.
The protagonists of this Calvary so often don’t have name: there are so many Ahmed, Najlaa, Sumaya, Omar, Mohammed, Abdullah, Fatima and more and more, coming from different countries and trying to run away from wars, attacks, injustices, hunger, epidemics, human miseries…
Brutality and barbarism shouldn’t be fed by indifference, idleness and negligence.
Let’s throw once again a bottle in our sea, with a common appeal addressed to the remains of our human conscience and we are addressing to You, Leaders of the Europe and the World, a warm appeal: YOU MUST ACT, even if you have not to take in account “Bureaucracy”, in order to set up a strong and clear action which could aiming at

  1. The organization of an European meeting including also Onu in order to find solutions to stop the death who transformed Our Sea in a cemetery, also through an European migration law based upon rights and duties and upon the number of migrants in Europe and not only in Italy
  2. The creation of reception centres in transit territories
  3. The resolution of Libyan situation with a program of country stabilization
  4. The promotion of bilateral agreements between concerned countries