2015 (EN)

The meeting took place in Vesuvio Hall of MAMT Museum.
After the screening of the video about the macro regional proposals and a short recap on the results of “Giovanni Agnelli Foundation” (1992 – 1996) and “Fondazione Mediterraneo” (1997) results on the opportunity to reduce the number of regions in Italy, the president Michele Capasso and prof. Abdelhak Azzouzi discussed on the topic “Macroregion: an occasion for Europe and Mediterranean” with a “An Arabian Maghreb: from crises area to development occasion”. Followed: “Legality as element for the development of macroregions”, discussed later dott. Salvatore Càlleri, Antonino Caponnetto Foundation’s President and counselor of Sicily Region on corruption themes, tenders, and struggle to mafia. “The role in Campania in the new program on Macroregions, between Europe and Mediterranen” has been faced by on. Andrea Cozzolino, European Parliamentar, vicepresident of Parliamentar Commission for regional development.