2014 (EN)

It will be realised in Brasil, in the capital city of Mato Grosso, Cuiabà, the Mario Molinari’sTotem of Peace”. Here there is the geodetic Center of South America (15 ° 35'56 coordinate north , 80 south latitude and 56°06'05 55 west longitude). Situated in the square Pascal Moreira Cabral, was determinated by Rondon in 1909. The square known as Campo d'Ourique, where were gathered punished slaves and Cavalhadas and corridas. Since 1972 started to work Legislative Assembly of Mato Grosso, today in charge of Cuiabá City.
“An important moment– declared padre Eliso de Oliveira, supporter of the project- because the Totem, heart of peace, will embrace all Latin American Population. The Pope will be happy of this initiative and we are hoping he can come to inaugurated it”.