2014 (EN)

President Capasso joined to the international Conference “The Role of Research Centers in Supporting Public Policy”.
In advanced countries progress goes ahead according to a multidimensional strategic vision, supported by prestigious and reliable research centers. In occasion of its 20 ° anniversary, and in consideration of the importance of research centers’s role in national decision progress and public policies formulation, the Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Researches organized a conference named: The Role of Research Centers in Supporting Public Policy. The conference dealt with different topics- in particular the importance of research centers’s role in support and improve public order- and showed international examples from United States, Europe, Asia and Arabic world, talking about the role done by research centers helping decision maker to take resolutions. The conference talked about the challenges faced by Arabic research centers , including how motivate them to pursue their specific tasks and research activities , in general, in the Arabic world. Had been discussed roles of research centers for the reach of security and stability and presented a vision to guide the future’s studies of Arabic research centers. The conference tried to establish a link between scientific and strategic research centers, in order to capitalize their capacities in the development of new perspectives which will be useful in public political planning and decisional process. Joined to the event high profile figures as academicians, experts and functionaries from research centers coming both from United Arab Emirates and abroad.