2014 (EN)

At its first meeting, the Executive Committee of the RIDE has unanimously appointed the heads of the sections of the Tamatiche RIDE: Franco Rizzi (Networks Mediterranean University), Carlo Gambalonga and Nabila Zayati - ANSA (Communication and Media), Maria Pia Balducci (Art and creativity ), Massimo Pica Ciamarra and Luciana de Rosa (Architecture and livability in cities), Adalberta Bernardini and Francesco Lo Surdo (Religions, Dialogue and Spirituality), Imma Di Napoli (Relationships, social welfare and migration), Serena Romano and Stefania di Campli (human rights and gender issues), Lorenzo Kihlgren Grandi (Young and intercultural dialogue), Eugenia Ferragina and Stefania Garrone (Research on Mediterranean), Lucia Falco (Theatre), Urbano Stenta (Vulnerable Groups), Lorenzo Diana (organized Crime), Simone Pedrelli Carpi (Cultural Tourism), Luigi De Luca (Cultural Events), Marzia Stenti (Intercultural Learning).

At the same meeting, the Executive Committee ratified the choice of the General Assembly on the theme of international to be held in Naples in October 2014: "Squares for peace: livability and intercultural dialogue" and assigned legal representation of RIDE - Onlus to FOndazione Mediterraneo as one of the founding members and in accordance with art. 5 of the Statute in force.