2013 (EN)

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the Museum and hobnobbing with the guests and the authorities, the Regional Director of the State Property Agency Campania ing. Dario Di Girolamo - accompanied by Ing. Antonella Ciocchi - confirmed that, after the legal investigation to verify the interest of the public administration, could be assigned to the Museum of Peace - MAMT local overlooking Piazza Municipio: 5 windows on the square, a large space (where once there was the CIT agency and unused decades) when setting up the sections "The emotional Campania", "The Quirinale: freedom, democracy and social justice", "Tunisia between Islam and democracy" and "The treasures of Morocco".
President Michele Capasso, present the Mayor of Naples Luigi de Magistris, the ambassadors and representatives of 30 countries and partner institutions of the Museum (declared "World Heritage") has expressed its appreciation of the State Property Agency, which has always supporter of the Foundation's activities with the aim of ensuring the Museum and to the institutions that in the historical building have the seat all the spaces available for the security that the website requires.
The ambassadors of Tunisia and Morocco, Hassan Abouyoub and Naceur Mestiri, have expressed their appreciation for the Italian Government for wanting to insure the ground floor spaces of the historic building in which the testimony and the exhibits of the respective countries will be able to have direct contact with people.
The Councillor for Culture of the Region Campania, Caterina Miraglia, expressed recognition for the work of the Foundation and the Region for this great gift which is the Museum of Peace - MAMT: recipient of the next EU funds for multimedia works and new functions the control systems and access security, given the high representative of the institutions located there and the symbolic and economic value of the exhibits to be protected.