2013 (EN)

It was inaugurated in Buccino the “Totem of Peace Tricolore “ by sculptor Mario Molinari, on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the tragic bombing that resulted in Buccino 45 victims. A monument bearing the Red Sail Mario Molinari in the heart of the Ancient Volcei.
“What Buccino - said President Michele Capasso - has a strong symbolic value, in this very difficult period of history where it is absolutely necessary to sow peace and unity. The International Committee of the Foundation has chosen the work of Molinari because he is an artist sensitive to issues of peace and dialogue between cultures.’’ Great audience participation for the ceremony of inauguration of the work, including the Mayor of Buccino Nicola Parisi with the junta to complete, the Min. Pl. Enrico Granara - coordinator of the euro Mediterranean policies at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs - l ‘ entrepreneur Mario Magaldi - among the most important in the world for its innovations and original of Buccino - professors Massimo Pica Ciamarra - world-renowned architect and urban planner - and the historian Guido D’Agostino and still Senator Angelica Saggese on behalf of the Italian Parliament.
On this occasion it was proposed a symbolic passing of the “witness” of the Totem of Peace Buccino from the city of Tripoli, in Libya, and troubled land “ thirsty “ Peace : to pick the Italian Ambassador in Tripoli Giuseppe Buccino Grimaldi.