2012 (EN)

[…] The red seeks the green, the sunsets take on the role of aurora and, seen from the other side, the suns regenerate the suns that give you the twentytwo thousand rays of their calorific knowledge.. […].
Mario Molinari

On the morning of Friday, March 9th, the plaque commemorating Mario Molinari, a surrealist painter and cultor, was discovered in street Saluzzo 56, who had his own studio and home in this street. To remember him, with his wife Pia and his sons Jacopo and William, the Councilor for Culture of the City of Turin, Maurizio Braccialarga, the President of the City Council, Giovanni Maria Ferraris, representing the mayor Piero Fassino, the president of the Circumscription 8 Mario Cornelio Levi and above all many friends. In his speech, Levi expressed the desire to see one of the works of the great master who died in 2000 set in the San Salvario district.