2012 (EN)

On 13 and 14 June, two architects celebrated their birthdays toeghter. They were Michele Capasso, 58 years old, President of the Fondazione Mediterraneo, “Architect of Peace” and Vittorio di Pace (whose surname leterally translated means “of peace”), 105 years old,
who share their birthdays on the same day. 
On that occasion, the Mayor de Magistris who was also present, decided to celebrate his fellow citizen’s birthday in the Council Meeting Room. He described Vittorio di Pace as being “so lucid despite his senior years”. “The Interethnic City” project and the “Infopoint” that Architect di Pace is supervising for the Fondazione Mediterraneo were also celebrated.
It was noteworthy that several eminent personalities recalled the commitment of the “Peace Architects” in the respective fields. Gerardo Marotta, attorney and President of the Istituto Italiano per gli Studi Filosofici, referred to the commitment and value to society of the work carried out by Michele Capasso, as well as paying tribute to Vittorio di Pace, whom he described as a true gentleman.


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