2012 (EN)

Today, the Mayor of Naples, Luigi de Magistris, and the President of the Fondazione Mediterraneo, Michele Capasso, signed a Protocol of Understanding. By doing so, the Municipality of Naples will be able to take advantage of the international experience of the Fondazione Mediterraneo and its President, Michele Capasso, in promoting social, cultural, artistic and scientific relations with Mediterranean countries. In fact, this cooperation will come into play at important events such as the World Urban Forum and the Universal Forum of Cultures. Mayor de Magistris stated that, “it is a further objective for the City of Naples to become the Capital of Peace for the Mediterranean”. President Capasso concluded that, “the collaboration of our Fondazione with the City of Naples is inspired by the same sensitivity shared by those people who want to redesign Europe based on the values and cultures of the Mediterranean, in particular those matured by urban centres such as Naples”.
The Municipality of Naples recognize the Fondazione Mediterraneo as the reference point for its activities with Mediterranean countries and accordingly the Mayor of Naples has delegated the responsibility of representing him throughout the Mediterranean to President Capasso.
Michele Capasso stated that, “The Fondazione Mediterraneo is a unique instrument in restoring Naples to the heart of relations and cooperation in the Mediterranean. These are pre-requisites both for co-development and peace-making in the region”.

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