2012 (EN)

The City of Turin has paid tribute to the sculptor Mario Molinari, author of the “Totem of Peace”, which the Fondazione Mediterraneo is disseminating throughout the entire world. In fact, a name plate has been placed on the house-museum where he lived and created his works of art.
The ceremony to unveil the name plate was solemn and moving and was attended by dignitaries from the city, as well as diplomats and representatives from parts of the world in which his works are exhibited.
The participants included the Consulate General of Morocco, Nourredine Radhi, Don Luigi Ciotti and many other who knew and admired the works of the “Sculptor of Colour”.
The Mayor of Naples, Luigi de Magistris, was also among those who sent a message for the ceremony.
President Michele Capasso commemorated the artist and good friend defining him as representing the “Power of Love”.


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Mario Molinari
Totem of Peace
Message from the Mayor of Naples

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