2012 (EN)

The President of the Fondazione Mediterraneo Michele Capasso and Pia Molinari – Board member of the Fondazione – met with the President of the Region of Iraqi Kurdistan Massoud Barzani, accompanied by a delegation of ministers and Head of Cabinet Fuad Hussein.
On that occasion, President Barzani adhered to the “Totem for Peace” project guaranteeing the support of his country in the hope that the monumental work would be constructed in the capital, Erbil, and dedicated to the martyrs of Kurdistan.
President Capasso invited President Barzani to Naples during the Universal Forum of Cultures and offered to create areas in the “Maison de la Méditerranée” that would narrate both the history and future of Kurdistan, as well as speak of the historical and archeological importance of Erbil, the oldest city in the world.
At the end of the meeting, President Barzani wrote a dedication in the book of honour of the Fondazione Mediterraneo expressing his appreciation for the work carried out to promote peace and the Fondazione’s appeal for the cause of Kurdistan and against genocide.


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