2012 (EN)

The 8th Session of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Union for the Mediterranean, held in Rabat on 24-25 March 2012, dedicated to the political challenges faced by the countries of the South Shore of the Mediterranean and the economic difficulties in which certain countries of the North Shore find themselves.
The Bureau of the Parliamentary Assembly of the UfM, which met on 17 February in Rabat, adopted a decision on the return of Libya to the UfM as an observer.
Examination of the dossier on Syria and the proposal for a logo for the Assembly – which the Fondazione has attended since 2004 - will be studied at the forthcoming meeting of the Bureau.
The Fondazione Mediterraneo participated in the works represented by Driss Guerraoui, member of the Executive Committee.
The Assembly of the UfM was established in Naples at the seat of the Fondazione in 2003 under the co-presidency of Pat Cox and Abdelwahed Radi.

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