2012 (EN)

A Protocol of Understanding was signed between the Fondazione Mediterraneo and the City of Pietrelcina for the international relaunch of religious matters.
Among the activities, the awarding of the “Mediterranean Award for Interreligious Dialogue” is foreseen, as well as the “Totem for Peace” and other initiatives including those for young people and peace.
The President of the Fondazione Mediterraneo, Michele Capasso, attended the ceremony with fellow directors Pia Molinari and Roberto Caselli; Carmine Nardone of the International Committee was also present.
The Mayor of Pietrelcina, Domenico Masone, accompanied by a delegation of town councilors, expressed his personal appreciation for the protocol guaranteeing his full support for the concrete initiatives implemented by the city. These include the “Place for the spirit and prayer, which retrace the life of the Saint Pius.