2011 (EN)

Michele Capasso, President of Fondazione Mediterraneo and all members of the Fondazione strongly condemn the attack made on 31st December 2010 against al Qiddiseen church in Alexandria.

The Fondazione Mediterraneo shares the sorrow of the families of those innocent people who died due to this vile attack and of those who were seriously wounded. We also express our sympathy with all the Egyptian people and with President Hosni Mubarak, who has promised all his commitment so that those responsible for this criminal attempt pay for their action.

The Fondazione Mediterraneo affirms once again, on this occasion, its commitment in favour of the principle of religious freedom for every citizen of every Country in the Euro-Mediterranean region and condemns all those who, in contrast with those who work for peace and for the fraternity of all peoples, persist in their will to spread a culture of fear of “the other” which too often leads to terrorist actions against innocent people.