2011 (EN)

The Coordination Meeting of the Italian Network of "Anna Lindh" Euro-Mediterranean Foundation for the Dialogue between Cultures of Regione Sicilia was held in Palermo. On that occasion – in the presence of Piera Raimondi, assistant of the president of Fondazione Mediterraneo, Head of the Italian Network – it was submitted and discussed the report "Euromed Intercultural Trends 2010"; members were required to confirm their participation in the ALF Italian Network; the common programme 2010-2011 "Meeting Minorities" was illustrated.

CE.S.I.E., Narramondi Onlus Association, COPPEM, HRYO Association and the Centro Creativo Danilo Dolci declared their availability to create a consortium to carry out some of the actions laid down in the "Meeting Minorities" Programme.