2011 (EN)

The Mediterranean Award Special Edition 2011 – City for Peace was attributed to the mayor of Naples Luigi de Magistris.
The Awarding ceremony took place on Friday 23rd September 2011 in the Sala Giunta of San Giacomo Palace.
The award was given by Pia Molinari and Michele Capasso.
« A sign of esteem and challenge so that, under the direction of the Mayor Luigi de Magistris, the European Thought and the Mediterranean Spirit may be realised through a renewal of the City of Naples based on active competence and social involvement ».
This is the main reason which pushed the international Jury of the « Mediterranean Award » - made up of representatives of 43 Euro-Mediterranean Countries- to confer on the City of Naples and on the Mayor Luigi de Magistris the « Special Edition 2011 – City for Peace » of the Award, considered as one of the most prestigious at the international level and « attributed every two years to personalities and institutions which have given a strong contribution to the dissemination of culture and of social solidarity ».
In the previous editions the « Mediterranean Award Special Edition » was attributed, among others, to the Nobel Prize-winner Naguib Mahfouz, to Queen Rania Al-Abdullah of Jordan, to the Fez Festival of World Sacred Music.

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