2011 (EN)

The ”Silver Dolphin” Mediterranean Award Special Edition 2011 was conferred on Giovanni Morra’s Bagno Elena.
The Awarding ceremony took place on Friday 23rd September 2011 at Bagno Elena.
The award was given by Michele Capasso.
«Thanks to the active and silent engagement of Giovanni Morra and his children Mario and Antonella, the BAGNO ELENA at Posillipo - with TERME PAUSYLIA - is a unique and precious place for well-being and life quality: it is the example of a family which is confident in the renascence of Neapolitan entrepreneurial class and which, by its love for the sea, continues the tradition of the bathing establishments on piles. This important action is an example for the tourist renascence of Naples and for the preservation of “Sea Resource”.
This is the main reason which pushed the international Jury of the « Mediterranean Award » - made up of representatives of 43 Euro-Mediterranean Countries- to confer on Giovanni Morra’s Bagno Elena the «Silver Dolphin- Special Edition 2011» of the Award, which is considered one of the most prestigious at the international level.

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