2011 (EN)

The “Medal Honour” of the Mediterranean Award 2011 for publishing has been conferred on Rosario Bianco.
The Awarding ceremony took place on Friday 23rd September 2011 at Bagno Elena.
The award was given by Michele Capasso.
«For contributing to the dissemination of the Neapolitan culture across the world giving visibility and space to the “Positive” part of the city of Naples: natural sights, its great cultural and artistic heritage, Artisan and Craft production.
A unique journey through history, geography, traditions, habits and above all the “destiny” of a city which has always been the centre of the processes of history.
Thanks to the magazine “L’Espresso Napoletano”, published all over the world, Naples and Campania reacquire a new positive light which, in this historic moment, it is indispensable in order to guarantee a future based on shared development and on active participation”.
This is the main reason for conferring the award.


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