2011 (EN)

The Fondazione Mediterraneo, first observer of PAM, has taken part in the workshop and in the press conference in the person of the president Mc. In this occasion the Fm has underlined the importance of dialogue with reference to energetic choices: rules, technical rules and financial aspects.
The Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean is organizing, within the framework of the PAM Panel on External Trade and Investments in the Mediterranean (PAM 2nd Standing Committee for Economic, Social and Environmental issues), a high-profile conference on “Mediterranean Energy: an urgent need”, to be held in Naples, Italy, on 17 November 2011. The event is part of the PAM Panel’s programme of activities with the aim to support the creation of a Mediterranean energy Community.
PAM will convene the main stakeholders in the infrastructure development for the electricity and gas sectors, inter alia, parliamentarians, representatives of regulators, transmission systems operators, international financial operators and Banks.
The event, presided by Pam Vice-President, Senator Francesco Amoruso (Italy) and the co-chairs of the PAM Panel, Hon. Mohammad Zureiqat (Jordan) and Mrs. Teresa Ribeiro (Portugal), is led by Eng. Alessandro Ortis, Coordinator of the Energy Sectoral Group within the PAM Panel. The Conference will take place under the auspices of the Association of Mediterranean Regulators for Electricity and Gas (MEDREG), Observer to PAM and major PAM’s partner in the energy sector, and is sponsored by TERNA S.p.A. (the Italian owner and operator of the National Electricity Transmission Grid).

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