2010 (EN)

The Mediterranean artists (Eugenio Bennato (Italy), Mohammed Ezzaime El Alaoui (Morocco), M’Barka Ben Taleb (Tunisia), Jamal Ouassini (Morocco), Pietra Montecorvino (Italy), Sakina Al Azami (Morocco), Mohammed Ezzaime El Alaoui (Morocco), Abbes (Algeria), Omar Benlamlih (Morocco), Driss Mouih (Morocco), Vagheli Merkuris (Greece),Tangeri Caffé Orchestra and the Orchestra Popolare del Sud) played at the Euromediterranean Concert for the Dialogue among Cultures in Gaeta, wearing the t-shirts of peace, reproducing the “Totem for Peace” and the description of its meaning. The stage was set up with the logos of the “Totem for Peace”.