2010 (EN)

The City Council of Turin decided to put a commemorative plaque remembering the artist Mario Molinari on the facade of the building in Via Saluzzo where he used to live and work.

Born in Coazze in 1930 and dead in Turin on the 27th of november 2000, he began his career exposing at the Galleria Gian Ferri in Milan and at the Wolford Gallery in New York. He is one of the founders of the surrealistic group "Surfanta". He was a pioneer of Luci d´Artista, an eclectic man rich of multifaceted expressions. In his artistic research the constant metamorphose of materials, shapes and thoughts is relevant.

Some of his permanent monumental works,among which the "Totem for Peace", are exposed in several places such as the Frais Church (Chiomonte), Garambois Square (Oulx), Bruges harbor (Belgium), Mauriziano Hospital, Abruzzo Park, Cilento Park, Vesuvio Park.