The Chaire Averroès was founded by University of Marrakech Cadi Ayyad together with Fondazione Mediterraneo, with the aim to set up a Chair coordinating the studies concerning the Euro-Mediterranean region.

It is a great contribution to the diffusion of ideas and knowledges in the Mediterranean, through intercultural, scientific and cultural exchanges and to the strengthening of the relationships between the two strips, so that knowledge of each other could become a key factor of peace in the region.

The name of Averroès was chosen in order to involve people living in the Mediterranean region in the dialogue of cultures.

The principal aims of Chair Averroès are:

1.  Exchange of knowledges and experiences. A person coming from one of the Mediterranean Countries will monthly lecture with the aim of creating a permanent structure for the exchanges.

2.  Research and PhD: seminars will be organized for PhD students involved in the Mediterranean area, in order to expand on their researches.

3.  The diffusion of an annual publication of the lectures texts and a summary of the discussions originated.

An agreement signed by Koïchiro MATSUURA, Director General of Unesco, Mohamed Knidiri, former President of University Cadi Ayyad and Director of Marrakech Office of FM, together with Accademia del Mediterraneo, founded in September 1999, the “Chaire Averroès”, Unesco Chair of Mediterranean Studies.

The Academy of the Mediterranean relaunches its action through the new seat established on 17 May at the Cadi Ayyad University in Marrakech.
With the relaunch of the "Chaire Avverroes" and other initiatives, the Academy's action will be even more incisive, thanks to the agreement of the late King Hassan II and King Mohammed VI.

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The meeting of the partners of the PANORAMED project, financed under axis IV of the Interreg Mediterranean Transnational Cooperation Programme 2014-2020, was held from 5 to 7 July at the headquarters of the Fondazione Mediterraneo. The project aims to identify shared governance tools in the strategic sectors of coastal and maritime tourism and maritime surveillance.
Partners of the project are the 13 European countries bordering the Mediterranean, from Portugal to Cyprus, participants in the programme and represented at the meeting held in the Museum of Peace - MAMT, seat of the Fondazione Mediterraneo in Naples.
The meeting, promoted by the Agency for Territorial Cohesion - Projects and Tools Area, Office 6, part of the Italian Country Coordination Unit, together with the Marche and Lazio Regions, aims to share strategies and activities of the project, with a view to issuing a call for strategic projects that will be launched starting from 2019.
The PANORAMED project is considered strategic by the Agency for Territorial Cohesion and intends to be included in the current debate on the future of the European Union, on the definition of the programming period for cohesion policy post-2020 and on the role of policies for the Mediterranean that the European Union and its member countries will have to implement in the coming years.
The ambition that the project partner countries pursue, thanks also to the implementation of the PANORAMED project, which started on this occasion, is to promote a systemic vision of the initiatives, programmes and projects that affect the Mediterranean in order to identify shared guidelines for the sustainable social and economic development of the whole area.
The conclusions of the proceedings were presented in the CPMR Intermediterranean Commission, which carried out its work in the same forum.
The Mediterranean Foundation presented the Museum of Peace - MAMT and the Chaire Averroes.

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“UNESCO Averroès Chaire” of High Mediterranean Studies - founded in 1999 by Fondazione Mediterraneo and University Cadi Ayyad of Marrakech (UCAM) –starts again its travel. During a meeting between the president Michele Capasso, the president of UCAM Abdellatif Miraoui and the vice-president Bougadir Blaïd, were defined the guidelines for the improvement of  the “Chaire” that, during 10 years, has involved personalities from several countries and thousands of student.

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