The culture exchange programme "Active Citizenship: how things work in your country" continued thanks to the involvement of organizers and participants. Foreign delegations and youths representing different European and Mediterranean countries were able to come closer together to get to know how young Italians live, focusing in particular on the relationship between youths and institutions.

From  its Headquarters in Via Depretis, 130  Naples, for twenty years now the Fondazione Mediterraneo has been holding meetings in which  young people can discuss the need for change and  robust social commitment from young people especially in a period in which the crisis of values and customs continues to evolve at an alarming pace.

The following participants spoke at the event:
Michele Capasso – President of the Fondazione Mediterraneo
Luca Palescandolo – President of  Agenzia per la Promozione dei Giovani
Pia Molinari – Director of the “Youth” sector at the Fondazione Mediterraneo
Wassyla Tamzali – writer, lawyer and member of the Fondazione Mediterraneo, and an expert on youth issues and the “Arab Spring”.
Enrico Elefante – Representative from the Campania Regional Forum


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