Since 1994 Fondazione Mediterraneo identified women as the main actors to support dialogue and peace: seminars, workshops, appeals, publications, exhibitions and other activities are carried out in order to promote gender equality and human rights.
In particular, the "KIMIYYA" program aims to spread a culture of respect and defense of women's rights, considering their fundamental role as "actresses of dialogue".
Over the last thirty years, the Foundation has carried out over 500 initiatives in favor of women.
Below, just as an example, are the main ones.
All the activities carried out are reported in the GENERAL LIST BY YEAR.
For the entire "KIMIYYA" initiatives click on the link above.


The Fondazione Mediterraneo participated in and collaborated with the World Urban Forum and in particular with the day’s activities dedicated to women and young people.
In this context, a meeting was held at the la Fondazione Mediterraneo  with the participation  of institutional representatives from the city and region, during which President Capasso illustrated the twenty-year history of activities dedicated to women. He hopes that they would be fully active in creating networks capable of implement the policies required to protect women and human rights.
The participants included the Provincial Councillor Giovanna del Giudice and Naples City Councillor Pina Tommaselli.

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The Farnesina has organised an international conference to the debate the need to increase the number of women working in the field of diplomacy.

Women, diplomacy and rights were the three key works that are best suited to explaining what happened on Monday 16 July at the international conference, Women in Diplomacy, organized in Rome by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
The conference grew out of an initiative to support and disseminate
Women in Public Service Project (promoted by American Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton). It brought together dozens of women from all over the world, especially ministers, parliamentarians and businesswomen (including, among others, Susanna Camusso and Emma Bonino, while Elsa Fornero took part thanks to a videoconference call from Beijing). It had a precise aim: that of discussing the methods and incentives available to bolster the numbers of women in the civil service and public international careers.

The President of the Fondazione Mediterraneo Michele Capasso and Fatema Mernissi – Sociologist and Moroccan writer – visited the poor suburbs of Sale and Rabat.
On that occasion new models of life were analysed as well as the new role of social groups that were once considered to be marginalized. However, today, thanks to the virtual “Cyberspace”  offered by Internet and new technologies, they have become the centre of attention for new models of development.


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The President of the Fondazione Mediterraneo Michele Capasso and  the Director of the “young people, women and creativity” sector, Pia Molinari, visited the Training Center of the National Union of Moroccan Women.
After being welcomed by the Vice President, Mrs. Babea El Merini and a delegation of Moroccan women, they visited the school, the center for literacy and the training halls (dress-making, cookery, computers, etc.).


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