Since 1994 Fondazione Mediterraneo acts to promote seminars, conferences, publications and other activities to spread new studies on scientific and technological innovations.

The Fondazione has recently launched the Appeal for Culture and Research and it has also created the Mediterranean Award for Science and Research assigned every year to personalities who contributed to the development of new technologies for a useful and sustainable development.

President of FM Michele Capasso, prof. Nullo Minissi and Mr. Franco Iaccarino, visited the seat of Futuridea in Benevento - affiliate to FM - expressing appreciations for the innovative patents created. In particular, it is of great importance, the use of waste to produce an ecological gas "cleaner than methane"!

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On the occasion of World Science Day the President of the Fondazione Mediterraneo, Michele Capasso, presented an Appeal for Culture and Research n the presence of ambassadors and permanent delegations of 192 countries. There was unanimous agreement to the document, signed by experts and representatives of international organizations.

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On Thursday 18th February, at 5.00 p.m., at the Unione Industriali of Naples – Cenzato Hall, was presented the Research "Italy and the Union for the Mediterranean".

Matteo PIZZIGALLO University of Naples “Federico II”

Interventions by:
Pasquale FERRARA Head of the Unit of Analysis and Planning of the Farnesina | Gianni PITTELLA First Vice-President PE delegated for the Mediterranean | Umberto RANIERI University of Rome “La Sapienza” | Cosimo RISI Diplomatic Council of Regione Campania | Paolo SCUDIERI Vice president of the Unione Industriali of Naples for Internationalization.

Participants, among others:
Claudio Azzolini Michele Capasso Alfonsina De Felice Massimo Galluppi Edoardo Imperiale Anna Rea Federico Romanelli Lida Viganoni.

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