Education and Training

Fondazione Laboratorio Mediterraneo – Onlus made available its know-how in projecting and activation of dialogue and cultural interaction in the Mediterranean basin to promote and to empower the resources of young actors in civil society in the southern areas of Italy.

The Master acts as an high training tool finalized to the promotion of spontaneous resources and expertises of the Southern Italy societies in the challenges of the third millennium, concerning quality of life, work, participation, social organisation of families and cities. The purpose is the observation of the present social changes in a dialectical form, gathering, in a kind of think tank, the knowledge coming from different disciplinary approaches that constitute the reference animating the cultural and scientific debate which orientate social and political decisions. The aim is to promote dialogue and development among different cultures, to analyze how the identitary representations interact in the relations among different social and cultural groups, studying the implications of the different social categorisations.

In particular, the lesson plans and research, supplied intervention tools and methods promoting the acquisition of methodologies for:

1. Group work online or face to face
2. Participatory projecting
3. Intercultural dialogue and analysis of indentitary representations and processes
4. Projecting for local development
5. Conflict negotiation at local level
6. Social mediation
7. Communication

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