Every 5 years the Fondazione Mediterraneo organizes the Euro-Mediterranean Concert for the Dialogue among Cultures. In 2005 the concert took place in Cairo, Algiers, Rome, Naples, Barcelona, Marrakesh and other cities.

Fondazione Mediterraneo and the Chamber of Commerce of Latina – within the context of the 2010 edition of the YachtMedFestival – organized on 16th and 17th April 2010, in Gaeta, the 2010 edition of the Euro-Mediterranean Concert for the Dialogue among Cultures, in honour of the first "Totem of Peace" by the sculptor Molinari.

The program of the Concert included great artists coming from Euro-Mediterranean Countries: Eugenio Bennato, art director (Italy); Mohammed Ezzaime El Alaoui (Morocco); M’Barka Ben Taleb (Tunisia), Jamal Ouassini (Morocco), Pietra Montecorvino (Italy), Sakina Al Azami (Morocco), Mohammed Ezzaime El Alaoui (Morocco), Abbes (Algeria), Omar Benlamlih (Morocco), Driss Mouih (Morocco), Vagheli Merkuris (Greece), Tangeri Caffé Orchestra and Orchestra Popolare del Sud.

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Interview with Bennato

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