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Since the beginning Fondazione Mediterraneo payed attention to audiovisual works and in particular to the sponsorship of young Euro-Mediterranean directors. Since 1996 it collaborates with Alpe Adria Cinema in the organization of the Triestefilmfestival, the Cinema of Central and Eastern Europe, assigning every year the International Award "Laboratorio Mediterraneo" and the Mediterranean Cinema Award to the best short-film in contest. Since 2001 it collaborates with the Napolifilmfestival in the organization of this independent film festival.

Moreover the Fondazione was the main actor of two important cinema projects co-financed by European Union:

CINEMAMED The project, coordinated by the Fondazione, within the framework of “Euromed Audiovisual” (MEDA) Programme, has carried out a Travelling Mediterranean Cinema Festival, as well as high level training courses for professionals related to the cinema (“Aristote” Programme). The project has achieved so far the following results: 10 festivals organised in 10 Euro-Mediterranean cities; 69 films shown to the public; 60,000 viewers; 12,000 students involved; 12 debates involving film-makers and the audience; 380 articles published on newspapers; 54 television reportages; 25 partners and 18 countries taking part in the project; 6 “Aristote” seminars held, resulting in training 22 scriptwriters; 18 scripts worked out; 2 retrospectives of Salah Abu Seif organised in Naples and Bologna; publication and circulation of 4,000 copies of the catalogue “The Cinema of the Arab-Mediterranean Countries”, 3,000 copies of the book “Il Cinema di Salah Abu Seif”, 3,000 copies of the book “Le cineteche dei Paesi Arabo-Mediterranei” and, finally, the award of the “Mediterranean Award” to Naguib Mahfouz.

EUROMEDCAFE The EuromedCafé program created by Fondazione Mediterraneo, has renewed and strengthened dialogue and cultural exchange between European and Mediterranean people. The Fondazione has encouraged mutual understanding through images and "up-close films" just as one would see via the web, speaking honestly about the difficulties our societies face. Thanks to the European Commission support, the Fondazoine Mediterraneo has accomplished with two goals:
1. Launching the short film competition “Another Look” and the music competition “Other Songs” centered on intercultural dialogue and mutual understanding.  First of all, EuromedCafé is a forum of images and sounds: each year, thanks to these two competitions, Fondazione Mediterraneo selects  shot films and music on the topic described above Short films and movies can be viewed at
2. In addition to these competitions the Fondazione Mediterraneo has created a forum for discussion and exchange of ideas, a space were to meet and debate, a public Euro-Mediterranean place. EuromedCafé gives civil society, intellectuals and authors the opportunity to speak about their truth and their point of view and to develop dialogue.

At the 23rd Trieste Film Festival, the 2012 Mediterranean Cinema Award for the best short film went to "Apele tac, Silent river",  by Anca Miruna Lăzărescu, (DE/RO), 2011. The Fondazione Mediterraneo has been collaborating with Trieste Film Festival since 1995.

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At this year’s  23rd Edition of the Trieste Film Festival, about 200 films will be presented, making it  the major film festival for   Central and Eastern Europe. Moreover, many of the films will be shown as international and national previews.
Thanks to the diversity and interest generated by its programme, the event includes competition sectors for feature films, short films and documentaries, in addition to retrospectives and tributes.

The festival is a “must” for film lovers and a showcase for cinema in the “New Europe”.
The Fondazione Mediterraneo has been participating in the Trieste Film Festival since 1995, awarding the Mediterranean Cinema Prize for the best short film.


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It took place in Naples the XIII edition of Napoli Film Festival also this year in the wonderful location of Castel Sant´Elmo since 13 to 18 october.

Joined as guest to this edition: Lino Banfi, Giorgio Faletti, Paolo Sorrentino, Paolo Virzì.

Also this year the Fondazione Mediterraneo is partner of neapolitan festival , which is one important member of the European circuit of indipendent festivals.

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With about 200 films, many of which as international and national previews, the Trieste Film Festival  is the main Italian event concerning the cinema of Centre-Eastern  Europe, this year at its 22nd edition, rendering homage to the master of Slovakian cinema Dušan Hanák.

Thanks to the variety and interest of its programme,  including feature films, short films and documentaries participating in the competition, retrospectives, homages, the  festival is nowadays recognised as an event not to be lost as well as a show off for the  cinema of the “New Europe”.

The Fondazione Mediterraneo has been cooperating with the Trieste Film Festival since 1995, granting the Mediterranean Cinema Award to the best short film.

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