Casa del Maghreb Arabo (EN)

At the seat of the CASA DEL MAGHREB ARABO in Via Depretis, 130, Naples, the acting Vice President of the European Parliament Gianni Pittella, MEP, received the “2012 Mediterranean Award for Institutions”. President  Michele Capasso, the Director of Institutional Relations, Claudio Azzolini and Board MEmber, Roberto Caselli attended on behalf of the Fondazione Mediterraneo.
This award is acknowledged to be one of the most prestigious international awards alongside the Nobel Prize and was awarded to Pitella “for having contributed through his actions to the reaffirmation of the founding values of the European Union, based on a confederation of States and capable of forming  common policies”.
Vice President Pitella had a preview visit to the seat of the ASA DEL MAGHREB ARABO – to be inaugurated on 201. Ambassadors and other leading figures from the 5 interested countries will be attending: Algeria,  Libya, Morocco, Tunisia and Mauritania.
“This is an important initiative at such a political and historical time”, he declared, “because it gives Naples and Italy and essential role in building dialogue and cooperation. It represents a huge challenge but at the same time it is a unique opportunity for the Arab Maghreb and for Europe.
Thanks to the support of politicians and leading personalities from the worlds of culture and science, as well as the twenty-year experience of the Fondazione Mediterraneo, Naples will become a centre and a space for dialogue and Euro-Maghreb cooperation”.


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