The International Juries of Fondazione Mediterraneo dedicated the edition 2015 of "Mediterranean Award" to Arabic personalities, coming from Gulf countries.


Mediterranean Award "Diplomacy"
to SAR Prince Turki al Faisal al Saud
President of the King Faisal Center for Research and Islamic Studies, SAUDI ARABIA

For his efforts in reconciling peoples through the use of diplomacy and all acts of good will steering scientific production, enabling global fora and strategic studies reports disseminated and positively evaluated around the world, including the Mediterranean Region.
For his efforts in supporting the role of education as a fundamental element for the development of the Arab countries.
His remarkable commitment reflects his sincere desire to persevere in forging a true alliance of civilizations, in the name of cultural diversity, and the principle of otherness among peoples.

Awarding Ceremony
Naples, 12 September 2015

Mediterranean Award for "Culture" for Poetry and Innovation
S.E. Dr.
Mana Saeed Al-Otaiba
Former Ministry of Petroleum and Mining Resources of United Arab Emirates (UAE)

The Mediterranean Award for Poetry and Innovation was appointed to dr.Mana Saeed Al-Otaiba for his struggle for the alliance among civilizations and his respect for diversity and the pacific cohabitation among different populations. Mana Saeed Al Otaiba is an example of the real and ancient Arab-mediterranean tradition, which links the passion of literature to poetry and art.
During his career, dr Mana Saeed Al-Otaiba introduced innovation in his poetry.

Awarding Ceremony
Marrakech, 12 June 2015

Mediterranean Award "Raffaele Capasso" for Legality
à  Paolo Borrometi
Journalist (AGI), ITALY

Paolo Borrometi, graduated in law, is journalist of Italian Journalistic Agency (AGI).
Due to his involvement against organized criminality Borrometi, is forced to live with body guards, after several threats.
He challenged mafia in a part of Sicily which was conceived as “happy Island”: the province of Ragusa. He established an independent press organ against all forms of organized criminality- www.laspia.it - . He faced important cases which nobody before him tried to do such as Sicilian and Calabrian relationships.
For this reasons he received the “Mediterranean Award Raffaele Capasso for Legality 2015”

Awarding Ceremony
San Marino, 16 july 2015

Mediterranean Award for "Media"
to Al Arabiya


For having contributed through its world network – thanks to its channels in various languages – to disseminating news of the most significant events in the EuroMediterranean region. News summaries and rapid updates have played an essential role in witnessing important events, particularly those concerning the “Arab Spring”.

Awarding Ceremony

Mediterranean Award for "Peace-Keeper”
to Giuseppe Cannarile
Chief of Lampedusa Coast Guard, ITALY

For the involvement in the rescue of human beings and the helping to migrants running away from wars and famine in search of dignity and freedom.

Awarding Ceremony
Naples, 21 march 2015