Naples has always been the city of dialogue, integration and coexistence: the habit of hospitality and mutual respect, handed down from generation to generation, is its main social and human capital. Its heritage - environmental, artistic, architectural, archaeological and historical - is an extraordinary resource and  great events have left a trace in its history: at the same time Naples has increasingly proved to be an ideal place for young people who find themselves in the warmth and in the colors of the city and in the extraordinary friendliness of its inhabitants. The headquarters of the Maison de la Paix and the Museum of Peace ("emotional" heritage of humanity), in the historic building of the former "Grand Hotel de Londres" in Piazza Municipio, complete an ideal  scenario for hosting the annual Word Peace Forum. This legacy is further strengthened by the set of high-tech multimedia and digital archives present in the Peace Museum conference rooms that allow videoconferencing connections with every part of the world - through the new 4K technology - and the possibility of enjoying over 25,000 videos on the various countries of the world and on the theme of dialogue, integration and PEACE.