The project of the World Peace Forum (WPF) was proposed by the Fondazione Mediterraneo (FM) on the occasion of the Forum Civile Euromed (FCE) in Naples (1997): on that occasion the approximately 3,000 representatives of 36 countries - among them 700 young people - encouraged the Foundation to implement this action "to be repeated every year and in the same place".  
The Fondazione Mediterraneo, with the Maison de la Paix (MDP) - committed since 1989 in the issues of dialogue and PEACE and aware of the responsibility to implement such an ambitious project - has deemed it appropriate to consolidate a long experience on the theme of PEACE before promoting its implementation. For these reasons, on the occasion of the thirtieth anniversary of the FM (2019), the Governing Council - considering that 30 years of activities carried out on the issues that underlie civil coexistence for PEACE represent  an important and significant legacy - decided to consolidate the results obtained, in particular through the International Workshop for Peace, and to implement the World Peace Forum starting from 2019: an event intended as a global annual meeting on the theme of PEACE, in all facets of this great universal value.