H.E. the Cardinal Crescenzio Sepe, Archibishop of Naples unveiled at the Theatre of San Carlo in Naples the “Totem for Peace”, which will be located in very meaningful places and that has already found its own stable location at the “Maison de la Paix”.

On that occasion, Cardinal Crescenzio Sepe sent to the Fondazione Mediterraneo a message in which he stated he was “comforted by the action that the president Michele Capasso and all the members of the Fondazione Mediterraneo have been carrying on for a long time: I am with “real peace enforcers” committed at an international level to making different cultures and religions meet and dialogue working especially on big urban situations. One of the most noble ideals we can follow lies at the foundations of the “Maison de la Paix – the Universal House of Cultures” that is starting today: it’s an action that will really be able to create peace and that needs to involve us all. Everybody has to give his own contribution in order to make the world own again the foundations of the civic, political, economical and religious society”.

Cardinal Sepe has been declared as the only candidate for the awarding of the “Mediterranean Award for Peace” for the year 2011 – proclaimed “World Year for the Peace”. Among the reasons shown, his promotion of the dialogue between cultures and civilizations involving young people.

The unveiling of the "Totem for Peace" occurred in the evening of the 13th of June at the Theatre of San Carlo in Naples, on the occasion of the Euro-Mediterranean Concert for the Dialogue between Cultures and the Awarding Cerymony for the “2010 Mediterranean Awards”.

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