MAIN EVENTS 2008-2022

On the occasion of the "Napoli Porto Aperto" event, the "Totem of Peace" (Molinari sculptor) with the urn of the Unknown Migrant becomes the symbol of the refugees who launch an appeal against the closure of ports, for a reception and integration policy of all those escaping from wars.
The "Totem of Peace" - which the Fondazione Mediterraneo is spreading all over the world - increasingly represents refugees, the weak, the poor and those who are victims of injustice and illegality.
In particular, the monumental work carried out in front of the Maritime Station of the Port of Naples - donated to the Coast Guard Corps on the occasion of the 150th anniversary - contains the relics of the Unknown Migrant, brought by the officers of the Coast Guard of Lampedusa the March 21, 2015 in the presence of Pope Francis.