The MEDITERRANEAN FOUNDATION, since its creation in 1990 immediately after the fall of the Berlin Wall, has taken as one of its main objectives the establishment of the "UNITED STATES OF THE WORLD": from an intuition of Gustavo Rol.
The activities carried out over the last three decades by the Foundation - particularly in the area of the "Greater Mediterranean" - bear witness to a constant and concrete action that, precisely in these difficult times of war and pandemic, is an anchor of salvation to strengthen the spirit of peace and cooperation between peoples.
The adhesions of men and women, organisations and institutions from various countries contribute to supporting the institutional initiative by pursuing concrete objectives and effective means for the defence of the planet, respect for the fundamental rights of the human person, the coexistence of philosophies, faiths and religions, the fair distribution of goods and resources, the union of science and politics for the salvation of humanity and against all wars.


During the ceremony held at the Museum of Peace - MAMT the WORLD PEACE FORUM was presented.
Present at the ceremony ministers, ambassadors and representatives of international institutions.
Between these:

  • H.E. Dr. ManaSaeed Al-Otaiba (United Arab Emirates)
  • H.E. Saqer Nasser Alraisi (Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates to Rome).
  • H.E. Ibrahim Al Balaoui (Ambassador of Saudi Arabia to UNESCO).
  • H.E. CheikhaWafae Al Khalifa (Ambassador of Bahrain to UNESCO).
  • H.E. Hassan Abouyoub (Ambassador of Morocco to Rome).
  • H.E. Dr. CheikhKhaled bin Khalifa Al Khalifa (Bahrain).
  • H.E. Dr. Mustapha Bakkoury (President of the Region of Casablanca, Morocco).
  • H.E. Dr. Mohamed Kabbaj (Morocco).
  • H.E. Mustapha Bakkoury, president of Region of Casablanca.
  • Hon. Claudio Azzolini, g.v. President of the Council of Europe (Italy).
  • Ing. Roberto Reggi (Italy)
  • Prof. AdelhakAzzouzi (Maroc).
  • Prof. AsmaAlaoui (Maroc).
  • Prof. Massimo Pica Ciamarra (Italy).
  • Prof. Domenico De Masi (Italy)
  • Consul of France in Naples Jean Paul Seytre.
  • Consul of Spain in Naples José Luis Solano Gadea.
  • Consul of Tunisia in Naples Beya Ben Abdelbaki.
  • Dr.ssa Alessandra Sardu, conseillor of City of Naples
  • Dr. Salvatore Calleri (Président of Fondation Caponnetto, Italy).

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During a meeting between President Michele Capasso and Dr. Cheikh Khaled bin Khalifa Al Khalifa (Bahrain) it was established that Bahrain will participate in the initiatives of the WORLD PEACE FORUM.

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