The Maison de la Paix - Casa Universale delle Culture is a place strongly representative, in which will convey the knowledge of the different identities and cultures, structuring permanently initiatives aimed at the spreading of peace, necessary for the shared development.

The Maison de la Paix - Casa Universale delle Culture (MdP) is a project conceived by Michele Capasso, approved by many Countries and international organizations. It is an architecture that keeps the memory of many Peace activities which created history, often more than the wars, but it is – above all – a space "to build” Peace.

The architectonical complex has an important symbolic worth: it represents the Countries of the World engaged in the Peace process and the Countries victim of the conflicts.

Proposed by the Fondazione Mediterraneo with the Maison des Alliances – together with the main adherent organizations, such as the Mediterranean Parliamentary Assembly, the League of Arab States, the "Anna Lindh" Euro-Mediterranean Foundation and others, the MdP represents a referent point for all the ones who dedicate their lives to peace.

The symbol of the MdP is the "Totem for Peace", an artwork by the Italian sculptor Mario Molinari which the Fondazione Mediterraneo is promoting all around the world, creating the network of the "Cities for Peace".

The first seat of the MdP was inaugurated on the 14th of June 2010 (Maison de la Paix - Casa Universale delle Culture) in the historical building of the Grand Hotel de Londres in Naples.

The action of the Maison de la Paix - Casa Universale delle Culture aims at improving the main activities of the "Universal Forum of Cultures" in: Barcelona (2004), Monterrey (2007), Valparaiso (2010) and Naples (2013).

The Maison de la Paix performs most of the initiatives jointly with the Maison de la Méditerranée.


The President of the Fondazione Mediterraneo, Michele Capasso and the  Director of the “young people, women and creativity” sector, Pia Molinari, were welcomed by the National Observatory of Children’s Rights with children singing the National Anthem.


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The President of the Fondazione Mediterraneo, Michele Capasso and  the Director of the “young people, women and creativity” sector, Pia Molinari took part in an official meeting with the Executive Director of the National Observatory for Children’s Rights of Morocco, Said Raji, and the Vice-President, Amina El Malki Tazi, to lend their support to the establishment of the Mediterranean observatory for Children.

Among others, the meeting dealt with the issues of listening (above all in relation to violence against children), education (against illiteracy), protection and health.


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The President of the Anna Lindh Foundation, André Azoulay, received the “Golden Olive for Peace” from Leila Shahid – the Palestinian Representative to the European Union  -  awarded by the “Doctors for Peace” Association in Menton.
André Azoulay and Leila Shahid received the Mediterranean Award in  2010 and 2011, respectively.

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With this message, we would like to bring to your attention some very disconcerting news regarding Father Paolo dall'Oglio, the Abbot of the Mar Musa Monastery in Syria and winner of the first Anna Lindh EuroMed Award 2006 for Dialogue among Cultures on the theme of Mutual Respect among People of Different Religions or Any Other Belief. As reported by many sources, the Syrian government has ordered his expulsion. (See: AsiaNews, one of the most important international Catholic News Agencies, Famiglia Cristiana, the most important Christian magazine in Italy, as well as the Aljazeera blog and news (video in Arabic with Greek subtitles). Many young Syrians who acknowledge him for his mission in support of fraternity, respect and dignity, have launched a Facebook page in Arabic named "No to the expulsion of Father Paolo", supported by thousands of people. We have spoken to him personally. He is in good health but concerned about the possibility of an expulsion, which would put an end to more than three decades of living in Syria. For those who are not familiar with his work, the Jesuit priest, Father Paolo, is a renowned proponent of dialogue between Christians and Muslims and has relentlessly worked for inter-faith harmony in the country for the last three decades. He has been committed to efforts for internal reconciliation, based on negotiation and freedom of expression, particularly in the current crisis, taking a courageous stance against the repression of protestors (see A Letter from Father Paolo to the Syrians, in Arabic).The Anna Lindh Foundation and the Fondazione Mediterraneo applaud the example of Father Paolo and support his unrelenting work. They would like to call upon all of you to support his humble but unwaverving commitment for reconciliation and his intercultural mission in Syria and the whole region, for which he deservedly earned the 2006 Anna Lindh Euromed Award. We would be grateful for any initiative you might take for the safety and work of Father Paolo, especially by urging the appropriate instances in your respective countries to take action in favor of his mission, in the context of what is being done in defense of human rights and dialogue in Syria.

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The Euromed Award to Father dall’Oglio

Her Royal Highness, Princess Lalla Meryem received “The ‘Rita Allamprese’ Mediterranean Award for Children” from  Prof. Michele Capasso, Founder-President of the Fondazione Mediterraneo for Peace.
This prestigious award is conferred by the International Committee of the Fondazione Mediterraneo, composed of eminent personalities, in recognition of work performed in defense of children’s rights.
“By granting this acclaimed award, the Fondazione Mediterraneo also intends to pay tribute to His Royal Highness  Mohammed VI for his determination to lead his people towards a society based on the rule of law and justice, where children will be entitled to enjoy all forms of protection”, as was by emphasized President Capasso.
“The ‘Rita Allamprese’ Mediterranean Award for Children” was inaugurated by conferring it upon Her Royal Highness, Princess Lalla Meryem. By doing so, the international community acknowledged her contribution to children as the President of the National Observatory for Children’s Rights (ONDE) since 1995 and as the President of the Children’s Parliament and the Moroccan Association in support of UNICEF, respectively.
This is why she was appointed one of the UNESCO Goodwill Ambassadors in July 2011. HRH Princess Lalla Meryem is also the President of the Hassan II Royal Foundation for Social Works for ex-Servicemen and Veterans and the Royal Foundation for Moroccans living abroad.
The “Mediterranean Award” was instituted in 1996 by the Fondazione Mediterraneo and is awarded annually to key personalities from the worlds of politics, culture and art for their contribution and actions to disseminate the values of solidarity and dialogue in the Euro-Mediterranean area.
This illustrious Award was made in honor of His Royal Highness Hassan II in 1999 for his pioneering role in championing the ideals of dialogue and tolerance..
President Capasso also expressed his contentment that his section of the Award should be dedicated to the memory of his late wife, Rita Allamprese, in recognition of her role and actions for the Fondazione Mediterraneo in support of abandoned children.

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