On the occasion of the Awarding Ceremony for the Mediterranean Awards 2011, it took place, in the prestigious seat of Fondazione Mediterraneo in the heart of the city of Naples, the Round Table for Peace to discuss about matters related to the recent events in the Mediterranean.

Took part:

Cardinal Crescenzio Sepe
Driss Guerraui, Councillor of the Prime Minister of Morocco 
Leila Shahid, Ambasssador of the Palestinian Authority to the European Union 
Paolo Mieli, Journalist and Director of RCS Libri
Massimo Milone, Chief editor TGR Campania - RAI
Antonio Saitta, President of the Province of Turin 
Antonio Guida, President of the Administrative Court of Regione Campania
Michele Capasso, President of Fondazione Mediterraneo coordinated the works.