The Fondazione Mediterraneo, established in 1990 to promote dialogue and cooperation in the Euro-Mediterranean area, was the protagonist of the Euro-Mediterranean partnership, when few spoke or were interested in the issue. In particular, he participated and organized the Barcelona 1995 events (Ministerial Conference and Euromed Civil Forum) which launched the Euro-Mediterranean partnership under the name of the “Barcelona Process”.
The First Euromed Civil Forum took place in Barcelona in the same place and immediately after the end of the First Ministerial Conference which kicked off the Barcelona Process, also known as the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership, i.e. the common European strategy for the Mediterranean region. This process was initiated by the European Union, which at the time had 15 member states, and by 12 other states in the region during the Barcelona conference which met on 27 November and 28 November 1995 at the Hotel Juan Carlos I. The United States attended the conference as observers. Subsequently, after the enlargement of the European Union in 2004, Malta and Cyprus which participated in the process as third countries, became part of the process as members of the European Union.
The First Euromed Civil Forum was co-organized by the Fondazione Mediterraneo and the Institut Català de la Mediterrània and more than 1,500 representatives of Euro-Mediterranean countries participated in that event. The Foundation also published the proceedings in multiple languages ​​and oversaw the presentations of the results to the European Parliament and other institutions.
The milestones of an initiative that is still indispensable for peace and shared development in the region were recalled at the Fondazione Mediterraneo in Naples - linked to the webinar with Barcelona - The Foundation then organized other Euromed Civil Forums, including those of Naples in 1997 and 2003