As part of a collaboration between UNESCO and the Musée, UNESCO launched in November 2019 a series of Master Classes for secondary-school students.
Conceived as spaces for dialogue, they aim to empower young people by strengthening their understanding and capacity to combat discrimination, intolerance, and growing inequalities, as well as promote sustainable impact by engaging youth to become proactive agents of change and trainers within their own schools and communities.
This special edition of UNESCO’s Master Classes against Racism and Discriminations is organized within the framework of World Philosophy Day. It invites young secondary school students to question the prejudices and social stereotypes that lead to racism and discrimination through the critical study of the construction of "the other".
The analysis of racism as a philosophical object will lead these students to deconstruct the concept of "race", decompose their preconceived ideas and adopt innovative anti-racist strategies that they can then implement in their institutions and communities.
In doing so, this Master Class will underline the enduring value of philosophy for the development of human thought for each individual and culture and will support us in the building of a more respectful and tolerant society through collectively exercising reasoned and informed thinking.


Objectives of the Master Class: