Webinar celebrated at the Museum of Peace - MAMT the twenty-fifth anniversary of the "UNITED STATES OF EUROPE" program, launched by the Mediterranean Foundation on November 25, 1995. When it was born thirty years ago, in 1990, the Mediterranean Foundation launched the first idea of ​​the Manifesto on "THE UNITED STATES OF EUROPE". After 5 years, on 24 and 25 November 1995, he organized the international conference "THE MEDITERRANEAN AND EUROPE" in Naples with the Appeal for Europe and the Mediterranean presented to the Euro-Mediterranean Foreign Ministers who met for the first time in Barcelona.
The conference was held under the High Patronage of the President of the Italian Republic and with the patronage of the UN was conceived, organized and directed by the Fondazione Laboratorio Mediterraneo. Collaborated: the Italian Institute for Philosophical Studies; UNESCO; UNICEF; the Embassies of Albania, Bosnia, Cyprus, Lebanon, Morocco and Spain; the Consulates of France and Germany; the Campania Region; the WWF; Greenpeace Mediterranean; the Carabinieri Ecological Operational Unit; the Turin Book Fair; the Faculty of Art and Science of Rome; the Municipalities of Bari, Genoa, Imperia, Turin, Trieste, Sarajevo and Naples; the Orient Occident Foundation; the Italian Association of Environmental Pathology and Ecology; the University of Naples "Federico II"; the Department of Eastern European Studies of the Oriental University Institute of Naples; the University of Palermo; the La Sorbonne University of Paris; the Institute of the Arab World of Paris; the Department of Studies of Naples; the Committee of Information and Initiatives for Peace of Rome.
President Capasso underlines the relevance of the Appeal because even today, in this difficult moment due to the pandemic, the need for the UNITED STATES OF EUROPE is felt, especially in strategic areas: foreign policy, common defense, health protection, the economy, transport, etc. “Among the dearest memories - concludes the president Capasso - the certificates of esteem of dear friends, such as the great journalist Igor Man, the writer Claudio Magris and others