"An unforgettable evening, on the notes of 'Piano Solo', was the concert by Stefano Bollani on the waters of Lake Campotosto for the 2020 edition of the Abruzzo dal Vivo Festival".
This is the comment of president Capasso at the end of the concert.
It is the great event that the Abruzzo Region wanted to create, once again, a real focus on the territories affected by the seismic events of 2016 and 2017 which brings together the 23 municipalities of the crater led by the Municipality of Crognaleto for a project important and certainly unique for the prestige of the artist and the magical setting of the lake.
On Saturday 22nd August at 6.00 pm, sitting on the lawn, facing the lake, the public let themselves be carried away by the notes of Stefano Bollani in his “Piano Solo”. The artist performed on a floating platform on the waters of Lake Campotosto. The concert accompanied the transformation of the sky and the landscape until sunset, a unique emotion of colors and sounds between nature and music.
Stefano Bollani's great concert for Abruzzo dal Vivo marked the restart of a very hard year for the communities still marked by the earthquake, which thanks to their tenacity have never given up on enhancing and promoting their territory, a real treasure made up of places and traditions.
The Region, also thanks to the commitment of the mayors who wanted to organize a major event despite the problems related to the spread of Coronavirus, considers this event a first step to contribute to the rebirth of an entire territory as well as to the enhancement of an environmental context and naturalistic nothing short of fantastic.
Saturday 22 the municipalities of the crater all gathered in a symbolic place of the earthquake in Abruzzo, to signify the union free from the shirts and the desire to start again from these wonderful territories, rich in history and traditions exposed for the occasion in a great exhibition of typical products. 23 stands were set up in the dedicated area, one for each municipality (Crognaleto, Teramo, Barete, Cagnano Amiterno, Campli, Campotosto, Capitignano, Castelli, Castel Castagna, Civitella del Tronto, Colledara, Cortino, Isola del Gran Sasso, Fano Adriano, Farindola, Montereale, Montorio al Vomano, Pietracamela, Pizzoli, Rocca Santa Maria, Torricella Sicura, Tossicia, Valle Castellana), where it was possible for the public to stop and buy food and wine products and local crafts. A unique opportunity to retrace many territories, each with its own peculiarities and virtues