The Sicilian journalist Paolo Borrometi was appointed with the “Mediterranean Award 2015”.
Paolo Borrometi, graduated in law, is a journalist of  Italian Journalistic Agency (AGI) and director of the journalistic website La
Borrometi is engaged for years in the struggle against the organized criminality and due to the several threats is compelled to live with bodyguards, and in the past was also victim of a physical aggression which caused a permanent damage to his shoulder.
The “Mediterranean Award” 2015  assigned to Borrometi was  in the field of “Legality” and is dedicated to “Raffaele Capasso”.
Borrometi follows – among the others- Pino Daniele, Don Ciotti, Fondazione CaponnettoPietro Grasso and (to the memory) don Giuseppe Diana.
The engagement of Paolo Borrometi was highlighted- during a meeting with the Italian ambassador of San Marino Barbara Bergato – by the founder and president of  Fondazione “Mediterraneo”, promoter of peace Michele Capasso, and by Salvatore Càlleri,  president of Caponetto Foundation.
Paolo Borrometi thanked for the initiative and promoted the daily engagement for legality and contrast again all mafia.